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What is a profile page?

A profile page represents a clinic or dental professional description, location details and contact information plus many more fields that users can see.

Why should I create a profile page?

Why not? Creating a profile page that houses information about your clinic and services will provide you with good exposure to a large community.

Hey! That is my page!

Remember, this is community created and edited website for public content. But you can always claim a profile page that is yours. If your page is already up there, Login or Register and then you can visit that page, click on claim profile and follow the instructions. After claiming it, you are the only one that can edit it.

How does the street view work?

When it comes to the street view image on your profile page, the more details there are in your address fields the more accurate the street view is. Therefore, try to be as detailed as possible to point users closer to your clinic.