Better places to go than Cavus-Cicek Tandarts?

Better places to go than Cavus-Cicek Tandarts?

I’ve only lived in Groningen for a few months and have not had any appointments with dentists yet but now I need to go.

So i’m just asking this question to hear if anyone from Groningen or the area has any experience with Cavus-Cicek Tandarts

I’m looking to have my front tooth done and I prefer a dentist with a lot of experience

So I have a bunch of questions:

  • Do the people working there have a lot of experience?
  • Is there a place I can check reviews?
  • How many people work there?
  • What about Tandartsenpraktijk De Verbetering – could that be an alternative?

I head a story from my niece that said its gone wrong before but let me clarify, that was NOT from Cavus-Cicek Tandarts.

Thank you all for reading, hoping to get some feedback

Contact information for Cavus-Cicek Tandarts

Cavus-Cicek Tandarts is located in Groningen, NL on the address Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 169Cavus-Cicek Tandarts (the zipcode is 9716EE). If you want to get in contact you can visit their website or call them on +31 641735460.

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