Is Clinique Dentaire de Genève the best clinic in Genève (Genf)?

Is Clinique Dentaire de Genève the best clinic in Genève (Genf)?

I’ve only lived in Genève (Genf) for a few months and havent visited a dentist yet but its time for me to go.

So i’m just asking this question to hear if anyone from Genève (Genf) or the area has any experience with Clinique Dentaire de Genève

I think my bridge needs to be fixed but i’m very scared i how it will look.

What concerns me is:

  • What kind of pricelevel are we talking about?
  • Are there procedures i should do somewhere else?
  • Do the people working there have a lot of experience?
  • Would you recommend Clinique Dentaire de Genève instead?

My best friend told me about patient that had a bad job done but let me clarify, that was NOT from Clinique Dentaire de Genève.

Thank you all for reading, hoping to get some feedback

Description from Clinique Dentaire de Genève

Dental care of a high standard is offered at this clinic located at Geneva in Switzerland. Overseas patients are welcomed by the highly qualified and experienced team. The best available technology and techniques are used to transform the dental and oral health of patients and the appearance of their smiles. The team is particularly adept at treating children and giving them a pleasant dental experience. Services offered include examinations and the services of a hygienist, general and routine dental care, children’s dentistry, child and adult orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry.

Contact information for Clinique Dentaire de Genève

Clinique Dentaire de Genève is located in Genève (Genf), CH on the address Rue de la Terrassiere 58Clinique Dentaire de Genève (the zipcode is 1207).

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