Is Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner in Wien good?

Is Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner in Wien good?

I am new to Wien and have not had any appointments with dentists yet but its time for me to go.

So i’m just asking this question to hear if anyone from Wien or the area has any experience with Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner

I’m looking to have my front tooth done and its important that the dentist can do it without much pain.

So a few questions:

  • How many people work there?
  • Are there procedures i should do somewhere else?
  • Do the people working there have a lot of experience?
  • What about Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Bantleon – could that be an alternative?

I once heard about another patient (from another place) that ended up having to get this procedure redone several times over but hopefully it will not happen at Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner.

Thank you in advance, hoping to get some feedback

Description from Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner

Unsere Ordination am Schnittpunkt des ersten, zweiten und dritten Bezirks besteht seit über 35 Jahren und zwei Generationen. Persönliche Betreuung, Qualitätssicherung, Investitionen in moderne Methoden und Materialen haben wir uns seit jeher an die Fahnen geheftet. So bieten wir Ihnen in unserer Praxis das gesamte Spektrum zahnmedizinischer Behandlungen an. Dabei arbeiten wir vollständig digital, von der Patientenverwaltung bis zum Röntgen. Das bedeutet für Sie kürzere Warte- und Behandlungszeiten.

Contact information for Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner

Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner is located in Wien, AR on the address Praterstraße 15Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Seklehner (the zipcode is 1020). If you want to get in contact you can visit their website or call them on +43-01-2146313. If you prefer contact by email the address is

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