Question: What the name of this disease? And What treatment required?

Question: What the name of this disease? And What treatment required?

Naahid Gentle: periapical lesion…rct

Abdul Basit: No tender and not sensitive only gums inflame

Naahid Gentle: I cant confirm without clinical examintion

Abdul Basit: Ok sir thanks

Abdul Basit:

Asad Ullah: Gingivitis/gingivostomatiis .may smoked over

Biman Roy: Gum disease & aberration

Maria Stasinou: There is gingivitis but it also exist some chemical burn or use of smoke or topical use of alcohol .He needs therapy for the gums and pain relief medicine. It will pass after thee weeks.If not he needs a stomatologist

Hamid Khan: OkOk yeah

Mari RC: Absceso periapica y gingivitis ulcerativa

Hamid Khan: Good idea

Mari RC: Del OD (12)

Abdul Basit: I given that medicine the paitent is recovered on three months but now agian start.

Bint E Ayoob: betamethasone tab?

Abdul Basit: What do you mean!

Bint E Ayoob: betametbasone tab for gum soreness

Khan Jee: Scurvy

Hamid Khan: fast gums infuction and 2nd Rct important

Gaurav Kumar: plz contact no. plz help

Bint E Ayoob: Gingival hyperplasia?

Asad Ullah: No ho you say it it is hperplasia

Bint E Ayoob: I am asking,could it be?

Asad Ullah: Good but not actually

Bint E Ayoob: What’s your diagnosis dr?

Asad Ullah: Gingivitis/gingivostomatiis .may smoked over as already comment.

Bint E Ayoob: Okay

Asad Ullah: You r dental student?

Bint E Ayoob: Yup

Bint E Ayoob: Age of patient?habits?overall oral hygiene?

Bint E Ayoob: Ask about brushing technique too,some patients do brush aggressively,if it is reaccuring after treatment there must be some stimulating factors,could be habits..

Abdul Basit: Paitent is 43 years old and brushing technique is very good.and no smoking .this problem is start in 2 years back.and 3 months recover and now again start….

Abdul Basit: When the problem is again start than i advise this Medican again because he is recovering

Bint E Ayoob: What could be the reason of reacurance?🤔

Asad Ullah: Inappropriate Rx or medicine aviced not taken or factor caused problms and gingivitis is calculas induced as seen here some resission with wd swollen gums indicating subgingival calculasmay i wrong the doc handled case will know.better.

Doc Jcb: If there is a recurrence take time to ask the patient for his normal routine. Get a history of his present illness. You can ask questions like is he a smoker or does he chew chilly gum. A lot of factors can cause this. Then one by one you can start to eliminate possible causes. This way you can also prescribe the right mouthwash and medicine. The materia alba (calcular deposit) may be caused by the patient not being able to clean the area because of pain.

Aurang Zaib: .

Ali Akbar Jat: Like Gingvitis but not sure

Sergie Salazar: by just looking at it the case might be acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis…need more oral exam and patient history

Nada Abdelhamid: it seems like it is ANUG but history must be revised well

Abdul Basit: Paitent history is No smoker No use other drugs Not other illnesseOnly that problem

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