What your plan of treatment for the top jaw?

What your plan of treatment for the top jaw?

Hilme Hajuj: 4 compressive implant At the anterior Maxilla 2 implant Tuberosity ( bilateral )2 compressive implant 5/6 or 5.5/6 ( bilateral)

Georgi Pataraya: Hilme Hajuj Dear colleague. I am glad that we think equally of.

Don Rothenberg: AO6

Georgi Pataraya: As option. It is possible so.

Franck Lasry: Henri Diederich whould say: easy two pterygoid implants and 4 plate implants๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

Georgi Pataraya: Henri Diederich Dear friend. What would you make in this case?

Omar Campos Salvaterra: 4 zygomatic implants, immediate load.

Georgi Pataraya: The same option and it works. 20 years ago I can be so thought, but today it would be desirable to solve this problem more simply. Thanks.

Henri Diederich: According to Franck Lasry I confirm 4 plates and 2 pterygoid implants

Georgi Pataraya: Thanks, on Saturday I will do. I will show as I see this case.

Mohamad El Moheb: You have enough space to place your implants. I think not need for plates nor zygomatiques

Georgi Pataraya: Thanks.I agree. the bone is enough. In my plan to establish at least 8 implants, maybe it is more.

Georgi Pataraya: Before and after

Hilme Hajuj: Profisionale !

Georgi Pataraya: Functional teeth in 2 hours

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