Would any recommend Shannon Avenue Dental Care?

Would any recommend Shannon Avenue Dental Care?

I’ve only lived in VIC for a few months and have not gone to a dentist yet but its high time i go visit.

So i’m just asking this question to hear if anyone from VIC or the area has any experience with Shannon Avenue Dental Care

I want to do a teeth whitening but i’m very scared i how it will look.

So I have a few questions I’m hoping people can help me with:

  • Is it a clean clinic?
  • Are there procedures i should do somewhere else?
  • How many people work there?
  • Would you recommend Springvale Dental Clinic instead?

I once heard about another patient (from another place) that ended up having to get this procedure redone several times over but let me clarify, that was NOT from Shannon Avenue Dental Care.

Thank you in advance, hoping to get some feedback

Description from Shannon Avenue Dental Care

Comprehensive Dental Care For All Generations.

Contact information for Shannon Avenue Dental Care

Shannon Avenue Dental Care is located in VIC, AU on the address 350 Shannon Ave, NewtownShannon Avenue Dental Care (the zipcode is 3220). If you want to get in contact you can visit their website or call them on 03 5222 7585.

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