Question: Cavity lining, it is your gut feeling and no evidence – how to best take a appropriate decision?

Question: Cavity lining, it is your gut feeling and no evidence – how to best take a appropriate decision?

Cavity lining….it is your gut feeling and no evidence… to best take a appropriate decision….this is the question!

John Comisi: Again, the challenge with Meta-analysis…the question being asked and the studies needed to answer the question. Often they do not line up and “inconclusive” conclusions are drawn to continue to confound the issues.

Liviu Steier: Yes and no!

Hervé Tassery: Do they have used dental dam? How they understand the pulp integrity? Are they some correlation between this kind of study and the real life dentistry? Dark side of the Evidence based dentistry sometimes. . ☺☺☺

Liviu Steier: Speaking of Non Sense Evidence Base and the value of written papers…. In Germany apicoectomies are mostly executed by oral surgeons…no scope, no minimal invasive surgery, no retrograde obturation…but such a paper published!!!!!!!! Where are the reviewers …where is the editor…?

Idi Sinani: Im not paying $30 for this crap

Liviu Steier: No one asked you to do! …and yes it is crap BTW!

John Comisi: ?

James Tsoi: one of the key issues in the meta analysis review should be comparing apple to apple, precisely should be comparing apples from the same places but with different farmers. Liners are in different brands, teeth suffering some various conditions, cavities prepared by various techniques, and so on…. do they comparable? Errors are too large sorry.

Salvatore Sauro: James Tsoi I totally agree with you!!!!!! Many meta-analysis paper in dentistry are completely unuseless……………and you have rised the resons why 🙂

James Tsoi: Thanks Salvatore Sauro! This BMJ article mentioned some key the problematic aspects of meta analysis. It also mentioned the apple and orange too…

Meta-analysis and its problems.

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