Question: How many dentists agree with this?

Question: How many dentists agree with this?

I know the survey size is really small in comparison to the number of dentists in the UK but my question is, how many dentists agree with this?

Raquel Valentim: I use it

Zdravko Dimitrov: I dont.

Andrew Wallace: Nope

Paul Webster: No. I get sloughing of my buccal mucosa. Spoke to a rep about it and his advice was that ‘it is known’ and to ‘rinse after brushing’

Amreeta Sanghera: Same problem here too, and same answer by the rep!

Rob Ardern: “It is known”- was the rep a Dothraki?

David Mee: Same here. Horrid stuff. Shame it’s not a medicine. Should be withdrawn.

Casey Margaritis: Yep me too. Can’t stand it. Doesn’t happen straight away so rinsing with water doesn’t help. Pretty much lasts for the next 24 hrs after I’ve used it. Avoid it (although I have samples kicking around for emergency)

Claire Welch: Horrible stuff. I also get the sloughing. Had a little residue in my mouth and applied my bleaching tray. Ended up with tingling totally blanched gingiva. Scary.

Ian Hutchinson: May be its because they give so much away……

Bhavin Patel: Depends what I’ve had turn up at the practice in the post!! ๐Ÿ˜

Tomas Aniscenkovas: Nope

Nadia Jaya Singh: Nope (used too)

Andrรฉ Bergh: Nope

Laura Jones: I love it !

Ammar Al- Hourani: nope

Nicola Gunn: I like it too esp the blue one

Andy Sloan: That’s my favourite

Rachael Eleanor Alexandra: I worship this stuff. I get the sloughing too. But it’s a small price to pay ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป

Karen Sutton: No no no. Dreadful stuff.

Andy Sloan: So what is the dentists choice?

Ammar Al- Hourani: Colgate total. Brilliant

Andrew Wallace: Colgate total or sensodyne repair and protect

Alpa Shah: Nope, get sloughing as well as mouth ulcers

Paulina Prahl-Kiedrowska: No no no

Hayley Irons: Interesting post. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜Š

Andy Sloan: Always like to understand how media / reality differs!

Szabรณ ร‰va Krisztina: No

Rajiv Ruwala: We use all the samples we get. My wife said the other day “I forgot toothpaste came in big tubes”

Kunal Patel: No

Liz Kieran: Nope v gritty

Stephen Mullan: Great stuff imo

Derien Dezzy Anderson Pugh: I love it.

Duncan Scorgie: I don’t like the taste or the “mouth feel”.

Tariq Bashir: Horrible stuff..๐Ÿ˜–

Jennifer Pinder: it made my teeth very sensitive , probably because of the environmentally unfriendly little blue beads in it

Shahid Hussain: Good stuff

Javeria Kiran Ahmed: I’m a fan.

Elaine Mo: Not for me

Tam HQ: I like it. Causes sloughing in a large minority of people, mainly those with inferior genetics.๐Ÿ˜‰I was told by a rep to consider it a type of “exfoliation” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

Sunny Luthra: “Exfoliation” of gums ?

Tam HQ: That’s what he said. Removal of “dead cells”. I did actually say that once to a patient who seemed to be satisfied with the “explanation”.

Sunny Luthra:

Narendranath Rajesh: large minority ?

Tam HQ: Yes large minority, ie fat UK Sri Lankans.

Narendranath Rajesh:


Sunny Luthra: I like this new comedic Tam….that bollocking from Soni seems to have done you the world of good.

Tam HQ: Don’t bring back memories of sadder days Sunny. Can’t afford anymore therapy.

Saeid Haghri: like it

Matt Ellis: It’s OK. I think the claim is misleading though. I get loads of samples I didn’t ask for and it’s good economy to use them rather than buy another one. I reckon that’s how they get that claim; send some to all dentists.

Virginia Lees: Have to admit I love this purely because of its flavour. Reminds me of a mouthwash I used to love the taste of. Also doesn’t froth too much and make me retch!

Sammy Ofori-Attah: Wait I thought we all used Colgate? Or was it that we all recommended using Colgate and simply used Oral B? No hang on, I thought 9 out of 10 of us recommended Sensodyne? So many adverts and worthless surveys…

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