Question: I had a front tooth broke off at the gum line, it was infected, woke up in severe pain. It’s been 3 days. Should I call the surgeon?

Question: I had a front tooth broke off at the gum line, it was infected, woke up in severe pain. It’s been 3 days. Should I call the surgeon?

I have a dental question is anyone qualifed to help me? My question situation: I had a front tooth broke off at the gum line, it was infected, I went to remove it at my oral surgeon, he removed it easily, I felt that he did a great job. He did not prescribe anything for pain, and I did not ask for them, I woke up the next morning in severe pain, it has been say 3 now, my mouth feels like someone has hit me in the grill with a baseball bat. It is extremely painful and I am taking the antibiotics prescribed, I am also trying to use CBD oil to relieve the pain, so far it is not better, I plan to call the surgeon in the morning but what could be the problems?

Huo Zhin: I am alittle concerned but hoping the pain goes away by tomorrow morning!

Huo Zhin: here is before close up, you can see the broken tooth. it was infected, after removal the pain has increased and within a larger area, up into my sinus, it is sensitive to the touch!

Ay Oub EL Moudene: You should remove it πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

David Henry Beslic: Hi, you most likely have developed a condition called “dry socket”. It might last for another week and then it will start getting better. Go see your dentist and he will be able to use some remedies that will make you feel better and potentially prescribe pain medication. Hope this helps!Cheers

Dr-Shahnawaz Ismail: You should had informed your dentist about pain as soon you realise Pain on 3rd day most probably means dry socket Most of the time it happens becouse of1)repated spitting 2) coughing 3)vomiting 4)smoking before healing and many more You have to run to ur surgeon asap

Wynn Chavez: I would disagree.

Huo Zhin: not dry sockets! I just returned from the oral surgeon, it was another abssess in between two other teeth up front. I just had them both pulled! I am in serious pain right now! πŸ™

Dr-Shahnawaz Ismail: It is more usefull to you If you had explained this things to your surgeon Shouting this on fb will not solve anything

Dr-Shahnawaz Ismail: Wynn Chavez:- disagree on which point

Huo Zhin: Dr-Shahnawaz Ismail not shouting! damn it I was informing the dental group for opinions, all you experts cant help or shut up!

Rohit Kumar: First of all you should take antibiotics and analgesic for better healing,it’s not a big problem,it’s generally happened.

Wynn Chavez: Swelling peaks on the 3rd day, this is when you will have the most pain.

Wynn Chavez: Antibiotics are not routinely prescribed, unless a secondary infection develops.

Wynn Chavez: A dry socket will not be the cause of pain on the following day. Dry socket pain begins on the 4th or 5th day, preceded by days of improvement. Does not should like a dry socket to me. Try taking 800-1000mg ibuprofen.

Huo Zhin: I found out today what it was, you are correct, it was not dry sockets! I have had dry sockets in the past from smoking after getting my wisdom tooth pulled, and like you stated it showed up a couple days later. I learned to keep something covering the exposed area while smoking to avoid dry sockets πŸ™‚

Huo Zhin: now all of my front teeth are gone on the top

Ayinde Mulikat: Go back to the surgeon to go are ask for the drug u suspose to use.

Huo Zhin: Ok, went back to the dentist, he was not there in the office. His partner came into see me about my complaint. After looking at the ex-ray already taken, he tells me that I have a abscess under the 2 other front teeth that was not removed. So he removed two more teeth in the front and this is the end result in the picture below> the pain is gone now at least and I am toothless in the front.

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