Question: If a patient is not willing for endo treatment what do you do? Reject og extract?

Question: If a patient is not willing for endo treatment what do you do? Reject og extract?

Sam Reddy: 2…in present situation if we reject d patient..patient go somewhere else and get extracted..

Nripjeet Singh Anand: Give all the options to the patient and do as he says.

Umar Moqtar: motivate

Sumiet Sahi: Do what pt wants after giving pros and cons of both trtmnt

DrRanjith Kumar: Reject pt

DrTanmay Haldar: Why?

DrRanjith Kumar: Rejection is better than killing tooth.

DrTanmay Haldar: How?And why the patients choice not respected if he/she cant go for endo for what ever reason?

Sathishreddy Kalinga: 2

Kolla Ravindranath: Reject patient.

DrTanmay Haldar: Why?

Murali Krishna: Ravi you reject the patient I will extract the tooth

Varun Pandula: Explain the consequences of Extraction etc and show advantages of Root Canal Treatment and saving a tooth. If the patient is still interested in getting the tooth extracted, will go ahead with it. Sometimes we cannot force our opinion on the patient and have to give importance to the patients opinion as well.

DrHarshal T Pawar: Extraction after extraction fpd

Amrit Anand: Explain .. try to convince .. final call will be wt patient says ..

Reetu Nagpaul Kaur: Extraction or medication

Ayoob Khan: Just try with temporary filling with antibiotics,70 percent pt will be okay😀😀

Vinitha Varnan: A dentist‘s role is to create awareness.. !! 1st option is to explain the pros & cons… If the pt still wants to extract then the only option is to motivate for fpd … Suggestions from our part… decision must be patient’s

Aravindhan Karunakaran: As per ada ethical standards this is called autonomy. Patient has the right to decide his treatment. The dentist should give the pros and cons of all the professional options available in that particular case and the patients right to decide should be respected.

Murali Krishna: Extraction

Vandita Mishra: There is always a reason as to why would a patient not want an endo treatment! -A bad experience in the past! -Fear that the treatment may eventually fail and will anyways have to be removedThe above two are causes in most of the cases..others include, -Not willing to invest time! -Comparison of costs!-Influenced by experiences of others..I strongly feel it is our duty to work on those causes which are inhibiting the patient! Talk, motivate, and most important assure your patient of the treatment you are providing! There is no individual who would not want to save his/her tooth if you have confidence in your treatment and you do give him that assurance that his/her tooth will be saved!

Vinitha Varnan: i agree 👏👏👏

Santosh Yadav: Extraction

Pandula Sharath: Depends on how patient understands the treatment plan. Every patient is different few highly educated patients apply there own knowledge and tell us what to do we ignore them and do treatment according to their own decision. Few patients though they are illiterate they understand exactly what treatment they are going to receive and we are good to go with them. And the third kind are half knowledged, confused and unable to decide what they want so we explain and try to convince what is best to them later will be what they decide.

Namballa Prudhvi Raj: I ll giv awerness

Vijaybhaskar Reddy: sir we need to explain if answered no shud do as per his need obviously extraction

Vijaybhaskar Reddy: sir i prefer extraction if patient is not willing after explanation of pros n cons

Priya Marthineni: Respect patients opinion go for extraction later fpd

Naveen Kumar Rinars: I will give sometimes to think & prescribe medicine

Mahesh Chinta: Choice is to patient onlyExtraction

Sekhar Reddy: Educate , if the Pt still refuses to have RCT for a tooth with pulpal disease, extraction is the only option, to prevent further spread of periradicular infection .

Sindhura Thathapudi: Extraction

Naren Kishore: As a dentist we are supposed to offer both the treatments at all costs even of we may be in favour of RCT

G Kanchan Sagar: I will try to convince patient for rct even if he is not willing then I will proceed with extraction

Ayan Das: Extraction

Narendra Mandalapu: The doctor was inefficient

Abhay Shukla: i Reject the patient.. the tooth that can be saved and one who can afford the treatment, doing extraction is something very unethical.

DrJyothesh Ramavath: I will close my clinic. .. 😂😂😂

DrAnant Patil: Convience

Drprakash Soni: Reject

Rushikesh Ram Bhosale: Give option for government facility for endo

Drprakash Soni: Ha ha ..right

DrRanjeet Kumar: Do free treatment and organised camp

Saurabh Sharma: Rejection means if pt is not willing for implant than we don’t give fpd either

Anisha Maria: Extraction

अंजली शारदा प्रदिप घाटे: convince pt

Alok Singh: It’s the pt will but he/she needs to be educated and should be explained every procedure… Then it’s up to the pt

DrDigamber Kumar: Extraction

Kristam Shivaraj: If it is treatable for rct… As a doctor and as ethics try to educate the patient and tell him to think about it….. For the money sake if it is extraCted and want to go for bridge please leave that patient ….

DrSantosh Voodi: Reject pt

DrDeepti Kiran: Conserving the tooth is always the best option….. I will try and know the reason for his denial and try to deal with it. Sometimes it can be affordability as well. Then I will convince them and help them as needed.

Raju Velama: try to tel patient then vl decide

Bibhukesh Panigrahi: Million dollar question

Rajesh Dashaputra: Scare him with implant costs and bridge costs. Then he agrees to endo

Virendra Kumar: One question to all…… after RCT… whether all dentinal tubules are totally debrided of infectious microbes….

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