Question: What’s the starting salary for a MDS lecturer in India?

Question: What’s the starting salary for a MDS lecturer in India?

Murali Krishna: 15k

Guiding Tongper: Really?

Murali Krishna: Yes

Adithya Sanapala: 20-25k is common

Adithya Sanapala: I heard some doing for free for work experience non clinical

Gujjar Shreyas: People also work for 12-15K Full time.

Adithya Sanapala: Like dental corporate chains like Partha clove etc and clges have ruined dentistry I feel

Gujjar Shreyas: Not necessarily Adithya Sanapala I have worked at one corporate, it all depends on how ethical the clinical head is. The colleges are ruined not dentistry, there are never bad students just bad teachers.!

Adithya Sanapala: Yeah gud and bad is der everywhere

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Colleges run on MDS faculty but still they get low salary. The right answer is ‘peanuts’.

Aravindhan Karunakaran: Actually the question should be ” are there any vacancies for MDS graduates” in dental Colleges?

Dr-Subhayu De: In my colg 65 k

Sidhardha Raju:

Adithya Sanapala: Must be Dean:p

Sidhardha Raju: College must be in bihar ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr-Subhayu De: No.orissa

Dr-Subhayu De: All south Indian colleges are suffering….immediately more than 60 Pvt colgs should be stopped

S Mohan: Nice comedy bro 65k ahahahaha

Dr-Subhayu De: S Mohan u will not understand…come to East side

S Mohan: He he he he

Karteek Eswara: Orissa whch college doctor

Karteek Eswara: In Orissa also they are saying 20 k for 2 years exp pedodontist that full tym with no accomodation

Karteek Eswara: Dr subhayu may be for reader u r saying 65k

Johnn Kazimm: 40k to reader ko mil rahe…

Sidhardha Raju:


Ravi Shet: 12 to 25 K depending on the subject

Syed Navid Ali: Ashok Dhoble please do tell us how much should we get paid as a senior lecturerer …

Praneeth Kolagani: He he he.. there are no vacancies for certain faculties..So the right question would be do post graduates find job these days ๐Ÿ˜

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Hahaha… also the right question to be posed is… Is it necessary to post-graduate?

Ayan Das: Anything between 18 to 25000 with tds.

Karthik Yadav: Yes it’s true we are getting some peanuts after three years struggling, but is this debate can bring any change in that are we are benefiting some corporate dental clinics… because some big private dental practices are hiring Mds people on this criteria and telling that in college also we are getting the same ……

Praneeth Kolagani: Ppl have had these discussions time and again..Nothing is going to change..System needs some serious over hauling..Which i believe won’t happen any time soon. So good luck to all of us ๐Ÿค“

Kiran Kumar: 18 to 25k sir

Bharat Savant:

Debabrata Padhy: 20k is bare minimum

Vijaygowda Kb: 18000_25000 depending on college principal and management

Mithun J Shah: Colleges won’t pay you anything now onwards bcz there are no admissions only for bds and mds,they are planning to reduce the salary what they are paying now.and they r telling if want you can stay Or else you can resign.

Amit Kumar Verma: 8000

Amit Kumar Verma: Durg

Ayan Das: Really… ?? Means 24 days with the payment of 8000 for an MDS

Amit Kumar Verma: Yes sir

Vishal Choudhary: People work for free also

Ayan Das: Means daily basis 333 rupees

Dr-HeMant Mankel: Impossible

Amit Kumar Verma: Mankel sir ,,,apna hi clg h

Amit Kumar Verma: HahahahahahahahBhul gye lgta h aap

Dr-HeMant Mankel: Staff name ?

Amit Kumar Verma: Aapka mes kerta hu

Amit Kumar Verma: Grp m name Lena tik ni hoga

Dr-HeMant Mankel: Bhai itna likh rha to naam bhi bata de aur Suna Tera MSC HOgya complete

Amit Kumar Verma: Ha sir Last 6 mnt internship baki haiAbi CME chal raha

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: We are doing post graduation just to fill others pockets… like owners of dental colleges…and senior faculty members only… and we loot our parents or grandparents money in turn to invest or buy education.

Anisha Maria: Senior faculty also not paid my dear

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Oho! I am sorry mam!

Anisha Maria: Sarva Bowma Addepalli u r gdc Passout. U didn’t hv to pay anything

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Yes mam… In return they gave me 48000 after my studies…

Anisha Maria: I am going to pay now for my child’s MBA Same as pg fees in MDS

DrPrasad Gowd: 15 to 35 k

Amit Kumar Verma: Yes sir

Vishal Choudhary: Some people are ready to work for free

Rajesh Pillai: 26k

Dr-HeMant Mankel: It all depends on the efficiency of person. Post graduation is a really nice thing if done seriously… and jobs are available with good packages… and all the ppl commenting less pays are themselves holding only graduate degree bds

Lakshmi Nandana: Why there was never a question about BDS salary…if that question was asked 10 years back never this question was arised now

Praneeth Kolagani: Very valid point.. it was we who looked down upon ourselves and we r paying a hefty price๐Ÿ™‚

Lakshmi Nandana: Both BDS and MDS staff are required. … we learn equally from both of them… infact even from technicians and all… but they are ignored

Venkata Karthik: No vacancies.. if it all giving on paper without TA AND DA .have to pay TDS by ourselves.

Praneeth Kolagani: On paper still.happening?

Drriaz Rahim: 8000

Dilip Jain: Abhishek Sai JaiswalSyed Mukaram

DrWaseem Zubair: Nice topic sir

Aditi Nanda: I was offered 14000 stat as my first salary by a college in faridabad. This was after I had completed my post grad from India’s premier institute. Thankfully I turned down their offer.

Ganesh Puttu: Forget academics.. start private practice…the usp of dentistry is its an independent profession…why not take a risk on yourself with confidence? I started my practice two days after completing my internship way back in 1998…am now been working for twenty years of clinical practice and so i am speaking from my own experience

Vijay Sharma: Very well said sir

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: True Ganesh sir

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: People say that the recently passed out graduates are not much interested in learning and blah blah blah…. look in opposite direction. The teachers are paid so less that the teachers are not showing much interest to teach neither they have the confidence to teach because monetarily they were downgraded. A good Salary paid makes you confident in your outlook and approach. That’s the reason navy,army etc have high confidence levels as they are backed up by many securities like health, house, good salary etc….

Vijay Sharma: Very nicely explained the current situation

Johnn Kazimm: DrRahul Singh

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: My suggestion to everyone who have guts…. ‘ you will earn 4 times more in your private practice than working and licking the boots of the college administration (ofcourse not all, as I have huge respect on teachers who have good interest to teach students irrespective of their pay).

Praneeth Kolagani: I agree wit u

Anisha Maria: I agree. I hv seen determination & sincerity on the face of two of my current interns who skipped the pg entrance & decided to persue practice. They wud hv made excellent pg scholars but they chose this path. & I know they will be successful

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Hi Ranjit… kindly rewrite your statements as the discussion is not about BDS and MDS. It’s about the college admins who downgrade the dentists by paying less. Kindly stick to the topic.

DrRanjith Kumar: Ok

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Good to know that you are an advocate too… all the best Ranjit…

Vijay Sharma: Yes itโ€™s really pathetic situation in India ….itโ€™s better to have ur own set up n roar laudaly

Sudheer Iyer: There r lecturers who r paying their TDS to the college in return for showing them as on paper staff. They put their own money as their own salary and get TDS cut. Btw…do u know PGs r visiting these days? 1 week per month, visiting PGs

Dr Pradeep M:


Dr Pradeep M:


Sarva Bowma Addepalli: My recommendation. A fresh Graduate should be paid Rs. 40,000 per month and 10 per cent hike in salary every year. A fresh Post-graduate should be paid Rs. 60,000 per month and a 10 per cent hike in salary every year. If the college management is not willing to pay that much, there are only 2 options for you. 1. Resign the job and restore your practice. 2. Form an union and represent in the state and central concerned higher authorities.

DrRanjith Kumar: Good idea

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: Either you get the shoes repaired by a cobbler or mend your own shoes. But don’t walk with a torn one. You either represent your problem personally or form a representation with a representative. But do not lag behind in life. Everyone is going forward or atleast trying… what are you doing?

Ravi Kumar Peratoti: Sooper saru …But who will bell the cat ? Everybody busy with own selfishness

Sarva Bowma Addepalli: If you all allow me, I can we all can…

Virendra Kumar: Y we do MDS.,……to become a specialist… that we can cure patients with severe illnesses…..but instead of opening a clinic….we do a part time service….. until we………then we go for full time in either of these two………… This all shows failed policies of Government……if there were less number of MDS graduates…..colleges will pay MDS graduates more….but here the scene is totally different……colleges want to earn…so they will employ a cheaper MDS graduate…… sorry if I hurt someone…….my own thoughts….so don’t take it seriously

Anootpal Gogoi: Being a govt employee I earn 58k and my clinic and consultation earnings are diff.however my private counterparts make twice of my income.i will say it all depends on your approach.i like teaching so I am sticking with it but if you are driven by monetary factor clinic is the answer

Bharath Vardhana: 15000-18000 p.m. in Bangalore.

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