Question: In cases of indirect restorations (onlay,overlay) what is the replacement of IDS {immediate dentin sealing } technique to treat with dentin?

Question: In cases of indirect restorations (onlay,overlay) what is the replacement of IDS {immediate dentin sealing } technique to treat with dentin?

Nice night for everyone…. Question: In cases of indirect restorations (onlay,overlay) : What is the replacement of IDS {immediate dentin sealing } technique to treat with dentin?

Salvatore Sauro: This is a very nice question. I think John Comisi and Andrea Fabianelli have quite a lot of experience on this πŸ™‚

John Comisi: Salvatore you know how much I love the concept of IDS. How well can you create a dentin seal with a resin adhesive? Depends on the adhesive, the moisture control, the operator, the curing time, the isolation, the monomers, the light curing unit, etc, etc, etc. It is difficult and challenging. Give me a good bioactive, biomineralization product and then I believe you will only then have a good deal.

John Comisi: I would first consider treatment with a bio glass and then a material like Activa to replace the dentin AND the enamel, being sure to calalily prep the external margins to create an “infinity margin” (David Clark style).

Salvatore Sauro: So John, what is your clinical protocol employing bioactive materials?

Hasan Nammoura: John Comisi (calalily prep) : dear Dr, did u mean less C-factor number?

Andrea Fabianelli: John Comisi hi John. How Can I learn more about Activa and eventually use it?

John Comisi: Hasan Nammoura

John Comisi:

John Comisi: Andrea Fabianelli I’m going to have to put a video together so others can see what I am doing

Salvatore Sauro: SUPER UNCLE JOHN!!!!!!

Hasan Nammoura: John Comisi is that mean to beveled enamel margin toward cavity, with flame bur?

Hasan Nammoura: Like this case :

Hasan Nammoura: How i will deal with margin:

Muthanna Ahmed: Do these bevels able to withstand mastigatoty load?

Andrea Fabianelli: I started doing indirects in early 90s without Ids. Actually I buildup before preparation and exposed dentin at The end of this step is sealed with a se 10mdp dba. At luting appointment I sandblast, etch and use a 4 th gen dba plus a resin cement

Andrea Fabianelli: Btw..I m writing a book about overlaysπŸ˜‰

Hasan Nammoura: John Comisi i know that shape will reduce c-Factor which is good for polymerization shrinkage…

Hasan Nammoura: Andrea Fabianelli dear Dr. Did u mean after caries removal , for example in that case, you will build up with composite then you will prepare?

Andrea Fabianelli: Hasan Nammoura yes Hasan, after removing the infected dentin with a stepwise escavation I buildup with a dualcure composite or a structural bulk material. Then I prep

Hasan Nammoura: Andrea Fabianelli and what u mean by ( se 10 mdp dentin bonding agent)

Andrea Fabianelli: A self etching dentin bonding agent containing the aforementioned monomer named 10mdp

Liviu Steier: No reason to not use the technique in indirect restorations. Timing will be the big issue. One could use the IDS once preparation accomplished but prior to impression.

Liviu Steier: ….and ethanol wet bond technique is to be favored.

Hasan Nammoura: First time i read this : ( resin-hydroxyapatite complex)😳. …. Thats what happened with ACTIVA.

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