Better places to go than Sayah Bilal?

Better places to go than Sayah Bilal?

I’ve only lived in town for a few months and havent visited a dentist yet but its time for me to go.

So i’m just asking this question to hear if anyone from Bab Tebbaneh, Tripoli or the area has any experience with Sayah Bilal

I think my bridge needs to be fixed but i’m very scared if it will ruin me financially.

So I have a few questions I’m hoping people can help me with:

  • Has anybody have had a bad experience with Sayah Bilal
  • Is there a place I can check reviews?
  • How long has it been around?

I head a story from my niece that said its gone wrong before but let me clarify, that was NOT from Sayah Bilal.

Thank you all for reading, hoping to get some feedback

Contact information for Sayah Bilal

Sayah Bilal is located in Bab Tebbaneh, Tripoli, LB.

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