Question: When did the last DT” A” school class graduate from San Diego?

Question: When did the last DT” A” school class graduate from San Diego?

Question, So when did the last DT” A” school class graduate from San Diego? Just curious

Janey Leggett Wineinger: I think I heard 73.

Kim Nation: Couldn’t be Janey I graduated from San Diego in 1981, it had to be sometime in 2000 or so

Michael Astorga: Early 1997. I was stationed there next door at NDC San Diego.

Erik Newlin: That’s correct… 1997… Remember when they started sending them to Texas.

Michael Astorga: Erik Newlin. I can’t believe I remember that. Good times working there with you back in the day

Kim Nation: Why did they move it? 10 years before the merger

Erik Newlin: Eva- Marie was part of one of the very first to come from the Texas school.

Michael Astorga: I remember her. Hard worker.

Erik Newlin: Money saving activity as it became a joint services training facility was what they said was behind the closure.

Shawn Boyd: It was late 97 I graduated in Nov 97 shortly after that they moved to Wichita Falls in the joint services merger

Kim Nation: So you were probably in the last class at SDAT

Will Hansen: I went to C school in Wichita Falls in 99. I think they moved it so students would stop getting in trouble in TJ 😝

Hector Andradediaz: Blue Class, we graduated December 1997, I was in the last class that graduated from SD

Shawn Boyd: Green Class

Hector Andradediaz: Shawn Boyd who were you guys’ instructors? Ours were White and True

Shawn Boyd: Castro was our main And Dominguez.

Shawn Boyd: I served with true in Okinawa later and at Lejeune

Hector Andradediaz: Castro, he was the PT stud, always making us do flutter kicksWas Dominguez kinda short, balding, and a little heavyset?

Shawn Boyd: I think that was Martinez. Dominguez was female

Hector Andradediaz: GotchaRan into Castro when I got stationed at MCRDSD, he was at 32ndWas Suzanne Sheperd in your class? She was Jamaica from NYC

Donald White: Yes it was Dec 1997, SAFB had already started before the last class graduated in SD, I shut down SD and transferred to SAFB in Feb 1998 and was only one of a few Instructors who worked at both locations at the time! Dave Miller, Laura Moore, Amy Burton, and few more.

Steve Perez: Nice history lesson going on here.

Hector Andradediaz: Donald White you were my instructor!

Donald White: You must have been an awesome DT!

Shawn Boyd: I believe she was. Sounds familiar bee awhile

Hector Andradediaz: gotcha, no worries, just wondering whatever happened to her, my first duty station was the hospital in yokosuka, and she got there a couple of months after me from a ship, good friend, just lost touch with her over the years

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