Question: Why not safe Extraction during Pregncy????

Question: Why not safe Extraction during Pregncy????

Faizi Nawab: Its safe.. but above to 6 months

Osama Sadiq: 3 to 6 mnth means 2nd trimstr save…only

Faizi Nawab: In 3 to 6 its some times danger for babes health.. bcz your dental prescription are mostly high so it affect on babes health.

Dentist Abbas: F

Rehmat Ullah Khan: Khan Baba

Khan Baba: Ke ge extraction

Turgut Novruzlu: Due to anesthesia, 1. And last trimesters are dangerous to do

Danish Khan: Ext can be don in any stage of pregnancy.only check medicin that cross the placenta avided.

Syeda Asma Saim: That is not true! Avoid in First and third Trimester.

Danish Khan: Syeda Asma Saim may bi but i cant read 30 years of our on prictis only don under herd pricussion and discussion her gynocologest

Maxamuud Saleebaan Warsame: Extraction is hazard during pregnancy because the anesthesia can effect the Embryo

Syeda Asma Saim: Anaesthesia Cannot Effect Embryo at All!

Maxamuud Saleebaan Warsame: My sis first thank you .By the time that women recognize that she pregnancy her baby’s spinal cord and hart will have begun to form .the major body systems begun to develop the baby’s health depends upon the mother’s health so the anesthesia may harm the development

Osama Sadiq: He is ryt

Maxamuud Saleebaan Warsame: Thanks friend

Nicki Vallance: Try to avoid it at all costs during pregnancy. Unless the pain is unbearable, as you would need to take an X-ray before hand which is not good whilst pregnant because of the radiation

Gerrard Nona Messi: .

Ilyas Sadiq: I know

Muhammad Latif Usman: Dear friend tooth ext during pregnancy is safe only 2nd trimester. and use the antibiotic and analgesic class B catgory .

Turgut Novruzlu: Sir check your inbox please, I have a question

Godwin Mwihomeke: That is true dr

Syeda Asma Saim: Its safe in second trimester . I did a lot of Extraction pregnant women’s but most preferably in second trimester , in first and third kindly go for chamber opening followed by Safe Medication. !

Osama Sadiq: Okkk

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